You’d sing too (Leonard Cohen)

You’d sing too
if you found yourself
in a place like this
You wouldn’t worry about
whether you were as good
as Ray Charles or Edith Piaf
You’d sing
You’d sing
not for yourself
but to make a self
out of the old food
rotting in the astral bowel
and the loveless thud
of your own breathing
You’d become a singer
faster than it takes
to hate a rival’s charm
and you’d sing darling
you’d sing too

(Bron: Book of Longing/Penguin Poetry)

Met een liefdevol dank-je-wel aan John!

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Een reactie op You’d sing too (Leonard Cohen)

  1. John zegt:

    Youuuuuuuuuuu’rrre most weheeelcome

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