Una notte in dolina/Topi in amore (Filippo Tomasso Marinetti)

(Bron: worldcat.org en You Tube: A drawing with freeword text, depicting mice exploring an army camp, watched by a military figure smoking a long, curved pipe. Perhaps submitted to Rognoni for the special collection of free word compositions by Futurists at the front assembled for his La Folgore Futurista, 1916-1917. Carso, present day Kras, was contested between Austria and Italy from May 1916 to Oct. 1917. Marinetti’s title suggests the equation between the army camps there and the rat’s nest portrait in the drawings. Marinetti mocks the bearded Captain Doctor Finizia as a southerner who emits smoke (“his Vesuvius”) from his pipe and inserts double consonants into his threats (“we slapppped”). In the camp, mice create explosions in the latrine and gnaw (“cru cru”) on cheese in the kitchen. Despite the nearby enemy shelling (“tuum tuuum”), Marinetti chooses a comic, if sardonic, tone.)

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